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US-2009176887-A1: Biocidal Compositions and Methods patent, US-2009185850-A1: Rotary-type pen patent, US-2009279914-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2009280665-A1: Electronic device having rotatable plug patent, US-2009291700-A1: Graduated single frequency network patent, US-2009324436-A1: Motor centrifugal pump having coolant pump patent, US-2010002965-A1: Lubricating Member For Linear Motion Rolling Guide Unit And Slider For Linear Motion Rolling Guide Unit patent, US-2003162563-A1: Multi-function wiring device patent, US-2003212837-A1: Rate converter and rate conversion method patent, US-2003218308-A1: Reconfigurable stock cart patent, US-2003231682-A1: High speed vertical cavity surface emitting laser device (VCSEL) with low parasitic capacitance patent, US-2003235484-A1: Post print finishing device with spiral binder patent, US-2004011903-A1: Method and device for producing ground resin particles patent, US-2004028845-A1: Heat insulating and shielding glass panel patent, US-2004064232-A1: Method of controlling an automated clutch of a vehicle patent, US-2004115959-A1: Conduit for preventing oxidation of a electronic device patent, US-2004116195-A1: Hanging chair stand patent, US-2004149838-A1: Control element for injectors with switchable nozzle needle patent, US-2004169712-A1: Ink-jet printer patent, US-2004179153-A1: Color filter with low reflection and liquid crystal display device having same patent, US-2004194222-A1: Polyisobutene as substitute for wool fat in stuffing agents for the production of leather, the stuffing agent, the use thereof and the produced leather patent, US-2004213586-A1: Method and apparatus for data recovery in an optical transmission system patent, US-2004225832-A1: Portable USB storage device having a storage medium formed of a DRAM patent, US-2004232902-A1: Method and apparatus for reducing sampling related errors in a modulating waveform generator used with a pwm controller patent, US-2004236990-A1: Transaction branch management to ensure maximum branch completion in the face of failure patent, US-2004262138-A1: Safety switch box for saw machine patent, US-2005009861-A1: Combination use of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and GABAa inverse agonists for the treatment of cognitive disorders patent, US-2005011301-A1: Pedal device patent, US-2005013204-A1: Timepiece patent, US-2005023981-A1: Plasma display panel patent, US-2005034775-A1: Jet weaving machine patent, US-2005036814-A1: Alphanumeric keyboard with in-built microphone patent, US-2005057246-A1: Fault isolation of circuit defects using comparative magnetic field imaging patent, US-2005062938-A1: LCD projector patent, US-2005063893-A1: Thermally modified carbon blacks for various type applications and a process for producing same patent, US-2005081803-A1: Liquid-cooled, vertical shaft type combustion engine patent, US-2005104699-A1: Electrical device comprising a controlled piezoelectric actuator patent, US-2005135128-A1: Current limitation in an inductance with a limit current adaptation patent, US-2005149348-A1: Detection of unknown scenarios patent, US-2005159769-A1: Balloon system and methods for treating obesity patent, US-2005194547-A1: Radiation image storage panel patent, US-2005218288-A1: Mounting system allowing for thermal expansion of an engine of a generator set patent, US-2005232584-A1: Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus patent, US-2005233647-A1: Non-orthogonal cable management system patent, US-2005251857-A1: Method and device for verifying the security of a computing platform patent, US-2005257325-A1: Aqueous dispersions for hydrophobically finishing fibres and flat textile materials patent, US-2006068994-A1: Fast hydrating guar powder, method of preparation, and methods of use patent, US-2006071945-A1: Information processing method and information processing apparatus patent, US-2006077177-A1: Stationary ergonomic mouse patent, US-2006082453-A1: Method for testing the interconnection of remote hazardous condition detectors patent, US-2006087775-A1: Contactor control apparatus and contactor control method for use in electric vehicle patent, US-2006096973-A1: Coffee maker heating unit with dynamic temperature control responsive to the amount of coffee remaining in the carafe patent, US-2006097837-A1: Coil component patent, US-2006100631-A1: Hybrid flexible drive shaft patent, US-2006112660-A1: Weather strip and fixing structure of same patent, US-2006141996-A1: Device and method for telephone number search in mobile terminal patent, US-2006176557-A1: 2D/3D compatible display system patent, US-2006215497-A1: Calendar stepping mechanism patent, US-2006218321-A1: Control system and communication system for digital mixer patent, US-2006231375-A1: Method for operating an electrical appliance patent, US-2006242505-A1: Apparatus for performing stuck fault testings within an integrated circuit patent, US-2006257256-A1: Turbulator on the underside of a turbine blade tip turn and related method patent, US-2006268489-A1: Static electricity and electric shock protection apparatus for mobile terminal patent, US-2007006859-A1: Internal combustion engine ignition coil apparatus patent, US-2007029970-A1: Method and apparatus for operating a battery to avoid damage and maximize use of battery capacity patent, US-2007064591-A1: Radio apparatus patent, US-2007079101-A1: Storage control apparatus and storage control method patent, US-2007081366-A1: Capacitive coupling assisted voltage switching patent, US-2007087660-A1: Brassiere with soft/hard underwire assembly patent, US-2007123138-A1: Puppet book reading system patent, US-2007128072-A1: Multiple analyte assay device patent, US-2007139411-A1: Methods and systems for downloading and viewing maps patent, US-2007147029-A1: Water sealing structure of a lamp patent, US-2007158145-A1: Electromotively adjusted disc brake patent, US-2007173175-A1: Doll house patent, US-2007175464-A1: Mechanism for feeding ball bullets from a bin to a holder patent, US-2007178800-A1: Toy blocks patent, US-2007181834-A1: Arrangement and method for the generation of euv radiation of high average output patent, US-2007189796-A1: Power control method and apparatus to control a heating roller patent, US-2007220245-A1: Method and system for updating boot block BIOS program patent, US-2007226884-A1: Closet flange with knockout patent, US-2007227151-A1: Flameholder arm for an afterburner patent, US-2007249935-A1: System and method for automatically obtaining ultrasound image planes based on patient specific information patent, US-2007259700-A1: Uniform power save method for wireless stations patent, US-2007259972-A1: Process for the production of mixed alcohols patent, US-2008003512-A1: Image forming method patent, GB-2515637-A: Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing policy in network-based applications patent, US-2008022797-A1: Ball Screw Unit with Dual Ball Deflect Arrangements patent, US-2008024428-A1: Electrophoretic Display Panel patent, US-2008037835-A1: Iris recognition system and method using multifocus image sequence patent, US-2008043629-A1: System and method for detecting and locating faults in electronic communication bus systems patent, US-2008049879-A1: Interpolation of complex signals patent, US-2008061710-A1: Current balancing circuit patent, US-2008085847-A1: Lubricating oil compositions patent, US-2008087054-A1: Single-point locking device patent, US-2008092866-A1: Trigger controlled release of controlled numbers of projectiles at each of controlled number of instances per revolution in a centrifugal propulsion weapon patent, US-2008109896-A1: Method of and apparatus for facilitating password access to a device patent, US-2008141471-A1: Submerged Surface Cleaner patent, US-2008163672-A1: Method of Analyzing Basestocks for Low Temperature Properties patent, US-2008166776-A1: Method for Preparing a Useful Secondary Metabolite by Effective Elimination of Biological By-Products patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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