Water-saving sink



A novel water-saving tank is classified as the part of human necessities according to the IPC, in specific as the large part of furniture, article or device for family use which belongs to the part of articles for individual or family use; the utility model is not classified as other small part of sanitary device; every group of the small part comprises the technical field of the combined washing device in bath, water tank, washbowl, stool pot or urinal groups. The utility model aims at solving the problem that at present, the domestic water is directly discharged into the sewer and caused the great waste; the utility model mainly comprises a water tank, a water pipe connector, a clapboard, a filter screen, a water pipe, a water storing device, a switch and a sewer. The utility model is characterized in that the clapboard is welded and arranged at the position of the inner circle of the water pipe and the filter screen is directly arranged on the top of the inner wall clapboard of the water pipe; the water storing device is welded on the lower end of the water pip; the best pattern for realizing the proposal is to take iron as the materials and utilize the basic equipment of water pipe works for batch production to meet the demand of life; in this way, the practical and the economic values of the novel water-saving tank are realized.




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