Multifunctional electric threshing machine


  • Inventors: YINGDE WEN
  • Assignees: 温英德
  • Publication Date: April 30, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2547113-Y


The utility model relates to a multifunctional electric threshing machine suitable for threshing farm crops such as rice, corns, soybeans, wheat, etc. The multifunctional electric threshing machine is characterized in that a partition board perpendicular to the axial line of a threshing cylinder is installed on the incurved screen surface of a casing of a slag hole of the threshing machine. The inner cavity of the threshing cylinder is divided into a threshing cavity and a deslagging cavity by the partition board. The semi-curved screen at the bottom surface of the threshing cylinder in the deslagging cavity is a fixed screen, and the semi-curved screen at the bottom surface of the threshing cylinder in the threshing cavity is a movable adjusting screen. The threshing cylinder at one end of the deslagging cavity is evenly distributed with slag tapping loam boards along the external surface of the threshing cylinder, and the threshing cylinder at one end of the threshing cavity is provided with columns of threshing teeth in spiral arrangement. An air blast fan is installed on the machine frame, at one end of a feeding saddle, under the vibrating screen surface and opposite the port of a vibrating screen. The distance between the movable curved screen and the threshing cylinder can be adjusted, so different farm crops can be threshed.




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