Fully automatic drinking device for chicken


  • Inventors: SHUANGJU SHEN
  • Assignees: 申双驹
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2556927-Y


The utility model relates to a weight control type full-automatic chicken drinker, the structure of which comprises a water bowl, a shroud and a safety screen. A communicated pipe joint transversely positioned on the shroud is communicated with a water faucet at the inner side of the shroud. The improvement is that the upper part of the communicated pipe joint is provided with a dredge port opposite to the water faucet at the lower part; the dredge port is buckled with an end cap; the back facade of the shroud is provided with a vertical strip hole; a back facade plate of the safety screen is fixed at the outer side of the shroud; the bottom end of the back facade of the shroud is supported on a connection branch bar of the safety screen. The utility model effectively overcomes the disadvantages of the original device that the dredge of the water faucet is difficult, the drinker is easy to lean forward and to be deformed and the water bowl is easy to fall off, etc., thus leading the use to be convenient, the service life to be prolonged and the practicability to be further enhanced.




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