Firecrakers winding machine



The utility model discloses a firecracker drum machine, comprising a central rolling wheel (2), a front supporting rod (1), a back supporting rod (17), brackets (16) and a paper pressing plate (15). The utility model is characterized in that the front supporting rod (1) is provided with a separating plate (14) which separates the central rolling wheel (2) into two paper rolling channels; the paper pressing plate (15) corresponding to one paper rolling channel is arranged on the brackets (16) arranged on the front supporting rod (1) and the back supporting rod (17); a paper pressing plate (6) corresponding to the other paper rolling channel is arranged adjacent to the paper pressing plate (15); and a spring (5) is arranged between the upper end of the paper pressing plate (6) and the front end of the brackets (16). With simple structure, the utility model has the advantages that the efficiency is improved by one time and one drum period can roll two firecracker cardboard cylinders.




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