Electric top toy



An electromotion peg-top toy is provided, which is arranged with a hand holding piece comprising a handle, a DC motor and the corresponding motor frame; the hollow part of the handle is a DC power supply box supplied power for the DC motor, the output shaft of the DC motor is interference fitted and matchedly attached with at least two pins and a rotary sleeve of a rotary stopper, a slot matchedly connected with at least two pins on the rotary sleeve and a resetable manual rotary stopping fastener matchedly suited with the rotary stopper of the rotary sleeve are provided on the upper end surface of the rotator. The DC power supply box can be ordinary battery pack box or self-charging battery pack box. The shapes of the pins on the rotary sleeve and the slot matchedly connected with the upper end surface of the rotator are optimized respectively arranged the output axle center of the DC motor and the axle center of the rotator as the center of an inner and outer concentric circle arc and a eccentric circular ring composed by two straight line segments. Two side edges of axial section of the rotator can be straight line, inverted step line, or curved line. The utility model has novel structure, no requirement for manual outside force from player, high starting rotary speed, lasting rotary duration and increased entertainment.




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