Umbrella with rotary rod


  • Inventors: JINHONG YUAN
  • Assignees: 袁锦洪
  • Publication Date: August 13, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2565300-Y


The utility model relates to an umbrella with a rotary rod, which is composed of an umbrella fabric, a movable umbrella rod, a fixed umbrella rod and a fixed base. The utility model is characterized in that the umbrella is also provided with an umbrella fabric rod, a rotary bracket and a rotary cover, wherein, the umbrella fabric rod is a rod connected with the umbrella fabric; a rotary shaft on the rotary bracket is arranged on the fixed base and can rotate freely following the rotary shaft and keeps vertical with ground; the bracket is provided with a rotary bracket shaft which is perpendicular to the rotary shaft, and a movable cover is fixed on the bracket shaft; the umbrella fabric rod is vertically arranged at one end of the movable rod, and the other end of the movable rod is movably sheathed on the fixed rod which is fixed on the fixed cover.




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