Cylinder oil-free air compressor


  • Inventors: XUNHUI WU
  • Assignees: 吴勋辉
  • Publication Date: August 20, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2567362-Y


The utility model relates to a small oilless air compressor, which is composed of a bracket seat, a motor, an eccentric link mechanism, a piston air cylinder mechanism, and a flow distributing air path. A piston leather cup adopts a structure with two layers of leather cups or a plurality of layers of leather cups; an air cylinder is in a reverse hanging type structure; a motor shaft is connected with an eccentric wheel via a key; the eccentric wheel and the motor are fixed in a sticking method or in a welding method. The utility model which has the advantages that the structural performance thereof is good, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the system performance is reliable, the quality is stable, and the serialization products can be conveniently developed can be used for the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the chemical industry, etc.




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