Bicycle mounted umbrella structure


  • Inventors: JUNGUANG TAN
  • Assignees: 杨召
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2574968-Y


The utility model relates to a stepped inserting-plate combined article loading frame which is used for fixing and loading a bag or articles, which is the article loading frame of a motorcycle mainly used for loading and fixing a standby box and the articles. The article loading frame is composed of the article loading frame with a stepped inserting plate and an article loading plate with a stepped clamping groove plate, and the article loading plate is fixed on the bag and the articles. When the bag which is provided with the article loading plate is needed to be fixed on the motorcycle which is provided with the article loading frame, the stepped clamping groove plate on the article loading plate which is arranged on the bag is only inserted in the stepped inserting plate, and then is overturned downwards and locked. When the bag is needed to be taken off, the bag is only unlocked and overturned upwards so that the standby box is taken off.




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