Wireless mouse-pad with built-in antenna for receiving


  • Inventors: JIABIN YUAN
  • Assignees: 袁家斌
  • Publication Date: November 05, 2003
  • Publication Number: CN-2585312-Y


The utility model relates to a wireless mouse-pad with a built-in antenna for receiving. The utility model has the structure that an interlayer of the mouse-pad is provided with the built-in antenna for receiving. The utility model has the advantages that the layer of the built-in antenna for receiving is laid in the interlayer of the mouse-pad, and the signal of the antenna is transmitted to a wireless receiving module via a feeder, so the efficiency of wireless receiving and system reliability are enhanced; simultaneously, transmit power can be reduced, so practical and feasible design space for prolonging the service life of a battery in utmost is provided.




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